Hello from Frederick MD / Wardensville WV!

Please introduce yourself here!

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501st Member
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Hello from Frederick MD / Wardensville WV!

Post by Alikh »

Hello Garrison Corellia!

I am part of Old Line, living in Frederick, MD, but I have a cabin outside of Wardensville and am there on weekends fairly often. Figured I should join up here as well if any opportunities arise to troop with you all!
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Re: Hello from Frederick MD / Wardensville WV!

Post by davoron »

For the Empire!

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Re: Hello from Frederick MD / Wardensville WV!

Post by TeaJay »

Hey Alex! Welcome to the forum! Feel free to check out upcoming events here: viewforum.php?f=8

Looking forward to trooping with you in the future!

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Re: Hello from Frederick MD / Wardensville WV!

Post by Darth Boyer »

Glad to have you troop with us any chance you get.

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