How do I become a Member of Garrison Corellia? Sticky

Step one is to create a user account by clicking on the "Forum" tab on our home page.  Then find the "Register" icon on the left side below the header picture.  Once you have registered, return to our home page and click on the "Contact Us" tab.  Complete the message and select "Join Us" for the Category of your message.  One of the Garrison Staff will respond and get you started on your journey to the dark side, and service to the Empire!!  We are always recruiting as we tend to go through a lot of Stormtroopers.  Guess we need to teach them how to shoot...

Eternal Legionnaires - Amanda Lilly DZ-54559

On the 26th November of 2018 Amanda Lilly, DZ-54559 of Garrison Corellia passed away. Amanda’s diverse costume service extended to the Rebel Legion's Freedom Base and Ghostbusters – West Virginia Division. In each community Amanda is remembered for sharing her exuberance and genuine joy. Through her study in clinical psychology, she helped children better cope with life and was eager to lend an ear to her fellows in need. Amanda is also known for her acceptance of others and support of diversity.

Mothman Festival – September 15th & 16th

Brian (Tusken) Cami (Jawa) and Amanda (Jawa)

The 17th Annual Mothman Festival was once again a huge success. 2018 marked the 3rd year for Garrison Corellia to attend and participate in the festival. The crowds are always so enjoyable and welcoming, and the event staff is beyond hospitable and accommodating. 

High Recognition for our Trooper

Recently, Command Staff nominated one of our Troopers for Legion Trooper of the Month for November 2017.  While he was not chosen, he did receive second place out of 19 troopers who were nominated... which happened to be the largest pool of nominations in one month all year. 

The Saga Continues...

In a manner reminiscent of the Beatles famous “Abbey Road” album cover, members of Garrison Corellia crossed Washington Street with totes in tow… grinning with excitement of their much anticipated performance with Alfred Matthew Yankovic, or more prominently known as “Weird Al”.  An honorary member of Vader’s 501st, Weird Al performs a parody of John McClain’s “American Pie” called “The Saga Begins”.  The song is a recap of Episode I of the Star Wars Saga, and members of the 501st Legion are  regularly seen on stage assisting Weird Al with a mini-dance skit in similar fashion to the Rockettes!

February 2016 Trooper of the Month

by Kyro on Fri May 27, 2016 9:58 am...

Martinsburg Public Library Event

HEROS AND VILLAINS GATHER AT LIBRARY FOR ANNUAL COMIC-CON- The Martinsburg Public Library is a place for adventure. Children and adults alike come in and read about special places, history, great men and women of the world and escape into far off, exotic lands and planets.

Garrison Members Opening Ceremony for Jr. Conservation Camp

Out of This World - Camp teaches, service, conservation    by Terry Fletcher

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