The 501st Legion’s North American Region

The 501st Legion is a world-wide organization. There are over 50 garrisons in the North American region alone. A garrison covers a large region distinguished by geography, language, or other characteristics or borders. Garrison Corellia covers the entirety of West Virginia, all 55 counties.

Our members include entrepreneurs, government workers, contractors, academics, business professionals, and more. The “Troopers” of Garrison Corellia volunteer their time based on a passion for Star Wars fandom, the magic of costuming, and a dedication to the community. Be sure to take a look at our Command Staff page to learn more about our garrison’s leadership team. We aspire to be “Bad guys doing good!”

To learn more about how the 501st Legion is organized into smaller units, read more in our Operations Protocol document. The Operations Protocol is a supplemental set of rules, guidelines, and instructions for day-to-day operations of the 501st Legion. The Operations Protocol acts as the bylaws of the organization, as referenced in the Legion Charter.

Planet Corellia

Corellia is located in the Corellian sector in the Core Worlds. It had a temperate climate and was covered in forests, jungles, and urban centers. One major city, Coronet City (also the planet’s capital), is home to shipyards used to build TIE fighters and Star Destroyers for the Galactic Empire.

Corellians have a strong military tradition. Many Corellians serve in the Corellian Security Force (better known as CorSec), or in galactic-level military organizations such as the Republic Navy, Imperial Navy, Rebel Alliance Navy, New Republic Defense Fleet and the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet. For Corellians, the highest military honor is the Corellian Bloodstripe. The honor is indicated by red pipings on the side of their trousers or jackets; this distinguished the wearer as a person who committed great heroic acts.

It is the homeworld of Han Solo, Qi’ra, Wedge Antilles, Crix Madine, BoShek, the Besalisk Gadren, the bounty hunters Dengar and Mercurial Swift, and Wanten of the First Order.

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