Meet Our Command Staff

The Garrison staff is structured similar to that of the Legion and the roles are identical, but Corellia focuses within the boundary of West Virginia. This staff plays an administrative role for the Garrison and is responsible for organization, coordination, and promotion of the 501st Legion at the local level.

Commanding Officer, Web Liaison, & Webmaster – T.J. Jones

T.J. joined the 501st in February 2016. He has held the GWL position (~8 years), full-time GWM (6 years), the Bounty Hunter Guild Detachment’s Webmaster (2+ years), Garrison Academy Advisor (2 years), and now Garrison Commanding Officer. He has ten active approved costumes (2 retired, totaling 12), many approved above level 1. He is also currently the CRL model for KOTOR II Darth Nihilus and Imperial Army Trooper: Andor. He has heavily contributed towards specific CRL creation for new costumes and received Trooper of the Month in the SpecOps detachment for his contributions. T.J. joined the Rebel Legion in February 2022.

Outside of the legion, T.J. is a proud husband and father, has over 14+ years experience working on federal software development projects, enjoys building computers, streams on Twitch, plays video games, restores/repairs arcade hardware/cabinets, collects and listens to a variety of vinyl records, and can throw a mean yo-yo.

Executive Officer & Merchandise & Branding – Anthony Wilson

Anthony joined the 501st in November 2017. Over the years, Anthony has served as the garrison’s Merchandise and Branding Officer, Membership Liaison, and also serves on Rebel Legion staff as the LCO. He has held the North America RCL position and has been the Amancane Base CO. He is also the Principal of the Abraxas School for the Galactic Academy.

Anthony owns and operates a costuming and prop creation business, creates digital and physical artwork, and photography. Anthony’s wife and son are both Star Wars fans and are part of the 501st/Rebel Legion and Galactic Academy.

Member Liaison – Michel Boyer

Michel Boyer joined the 501st in March 2010 with a Snowtrooper from The Empire Strikes Back. He has since added 15 more 501st costumes to his collection and his ultimate goal is to have all the bad guy trooper costumes from the Original Trilogy. He has served the Garrison as either Membership Liaison or Commanding Officer since its creation.

He has shared his love of costuming with his family in that his wife, Jeniver, is a member of the Rebel Legion, his daughter, Charis, is a member of both Rebel Legion and 501st Legion, and his sons, Isaiah and Isaac, are members of the Galactic Academy with plans to join the legion the day they each turn 18. When not busy with Legion activities, Michel also serves as pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Grafton, WV and works for the Department of Environmental Inspection as Tanks Inspector Specialist.

Public Relations – Rachel Mullen

Rachel has been with Garrison Corellia since February of 2020 and this is her second year as GPRO. Outside of Star Wars costuming with the 501st Legion and the Rebel Legion, she enjoys making many other types of costumes. Rachel has a long list of hobbies but her passions include tabletop gaming, traveling, and sewing.

Events Coordinator – Dave Voron

David has been a member of the 501st since October 2022, joining the Command Staff as an Event Coordinator this year. His costumes are Bridge Crew, TIE Fighter Pilot Reserve, and a Jawa. He is currently working on creating his TIE Fighter Pilot Costume. His call sign is “Gnome”.

“The 501st gives me the opportunity to serve my community and help raise funds for charities. I joined the 501st to be able to make the lives of those in need both adult and children better. That’s what makes me happy. I choose to make a difference.”

David works as an IT Specialist. His interests include all things Star Wars, Star Trek, traveling with his family to Conventions, and a bunch of other things that will take pages and pages to tell them all.

Events Coordinator – William Bumgarner

William has been a member of the 501st since November 2016, joining the Command Staff as an Event Coordinator this year. His first costume was a Grand Admiral, but he has since added a TIE Pilot (his personal favorite) to his costume library.

Outside of his natural habitat of a Star Destroyer, he is an Environmental Services Technician at CAMC, where he fights on the front line not against Rebel scum, but against contagion and contamination.

Charity Representative – Matt Schraeder

Matt joined the 501st in December 2014. He has held the positions of Academy Advisor (5 years), GCOG (1 year), GXO (1.5 years), and GCO (1 year). In the Rebel Legion, he has served as BCO (2 years) and is currently the Events Coordinator for Amancane Base. Despite having 6 costumes (including Darth Vader), the Biker Scout is his favorite.

In real life, Matt teaches Math at WVU, where is also the Faculty Advisor for the WVU Star Wars Club, WVU Math Club, and WVU Chapter of SIAM. He also works as a vacation planner, specializing in Disney and Universal trips. Besides Star Wars, Matt’s interests include Disney, Lego, chess, hiking in Yosemite National Park, and Pittsburgh sports.

Garrison Guard – Keller Lindsay

Bio coming soon.

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