Media Relations

Garrison Corellia welcomes news media to discuss its mission to serve the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work.

General Rules for Media

Permission from LucasFilm, Ltd. is required for all public showings (anything other than private viewing by the consumer at home) of any Star Wars and related media. Please read LucasFilm’s policy regarding the showing of media such as Star Wars films.

The 501st Legion reserves the right to decline requests for or withdraw participation from event appearances if media such as Star Wars films are to be shown contrary to LucasFilm’s licensing terms.

Motion Picture Association of America Public Performance Law

LucasFilm FAQs

Press Kit Information

Press kit documents contain useful information about our garrison. If you have a specific public relations question, please contact our Garrison Public Relations Officer (GPRO).

Garrison Corellia Press Kit & Garrison Corellia Fact Sheet

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