Where do I start?

Garrison Corellia has a Cadet Academy program where Costume Advisors will assist you with researching and building high quality, movie accurate costumes from the Star Wars universe. Prior to enlisting, please consider the following:

You must be 18 or older. If not, there is the Galactic Academy for younger enthusiasts; which is a great way to start your journey towards joining the 501st Legion.
You are interested in creating a costume from the “bad guys” faction of the Star Wars Universe. If you’re interested in the “good guys” faction, please visit the Rebel Legion site to learn more.

There are no fees; the only requirements pertain to age and costume quality. You can find a list of currently recognized costumes in the Costume Reference Library section of the 501st Legion site. If you’re ready to begin your journey, visit on our forum by interacting the button below and register for an account. Once a staff member approves your account, you’ll be ready to introduce yourself!

Where do you get your costumes?

Generally speaking, our members make their own costumes. To make it easier to get help with your desired project, join our garrison’s forum and we’ll help you get started.

NOTE: Star Wars costumes that are commercially available in stores or online may not be acceptable for membership! It is recommended that you contact your Garrison Membership Liaison before purchasing a retail costume to find out if it is accepted or what modifications might be required.

How much do your costumes cost?

That depends on what costume you choose and what skills you bring to the project. If you can sew, an officer costume would be be relatively easy, but if you can’t sew you’d need to hire a tailor. In general, our costumes range from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand depending on the character.

Do you accept custom Star Wars characters?

While there are many amazing custom costumes out there, the 501st only accepts costumes with some sort of canon visual reference. Please take a look at our character approval guidelines for more information.