February 2016 Trooper of the Month

The 501st Legion extends its heartfelt congratulations and thanks to our February 2016 Trooper of the Month winner: Amy E Higgs — BH 42297 of Garrison Corellia. Amy has far exceeded expectations in her dual tasks as GPR and GEC for the newly formed Garrison Corellia. She takes the extra effort to make sure all the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted for Garrison events and public relations needs. Amy enjoys her 501st family and will do absolutely anything and everything she can to make sure the garrison is looking good and taken care of, even while battling cancer. The past several months Amy and her husband have been working in the garage to bring the droid, Chopper, to life for the children of West Virginia. Amy goes above and beyond and honestly when most people would quit, she digs in deep and pushes forward as any great trooper would do.Also deserving of recognition are Amy’s fellow nominees for the month of February: Peter Nuthall — TK-12175 — Badlands GarrisonRon Lares — SL-5928 — Empire City GarrisonDaniel Young — TK-55837 — Southern California GarrisonCesar Andres Cespedes Plaza — TK-3698 — Chilean OutpostJoel Weyers — TK17815 — Belgian GarrisonTony Jobe — TK 10116 — Golden Gate GarrisonGustavo Canales — TK-8706 — Skull GarrisonSteven Rosenthal — TR-11107 — Bast Alpha Garrison