Mothman Festival – September 15th & 16th

The 17th Annual Mothman Festival was once again a huge success. 2018 marked the 3rd year for Garrison Corellia to attend and participate in the festival. The crowds are always so enjoyable and welcoming, and the event staff is beyond hospitable and accommodating. This year we had a total of fifteen 501st members make the event for the weekend to troop in costume and to help with Blast a Trooper, Droid Hunt, as well as raffle and merchandise sales. We were even lucky enough to have Bryon Mesarch, 501st Legion Command Officer make the trip from Illinois. Also in attendance were out friends from Garrison Tyrannus, Cami, and Brian!

Something new for us this year was our Mothman Festival Coins. These coins sold as fundraisers to help with funding charity drives and other garrison activities. One of those activitiesthis year was building our Han in Carbonite/Jabba’s Palace set. For the Mothman Festival, Boba Fett brought Han in off of Slave 1 and festival attendees were able to pose and take photos with Jabba’s favorite wall art.

– TI 23009 – Anthony Wilson