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Appearance requests must be made 30 days or more before the event and we require a secure changing area. We do NOT do birthday parties.

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    Characters Requested:
    Darth VaderKylo RenBoba FettStormtroopersSandtroopersSnowtroopersBiker ScoutsTIE Fighter PilotsImperial OfficersRoyal GuardsTusken RaidersJawasAny

    We REQUIRE the following for our volunteers:
    • Access to a private, secure changing area that is clean, well lit, furnished with tables and/or chairs/stools, i.e. a break room or conference room. A bathroom or storage closet is not an acceptable changing area.
    • Access to bathrooms
    • Free or compensated parking that is close to the venue (less than 5 minutes walking distance)
    • A safe environment that is well maintained and well lit for our members to be featured or to interact with the public.
    • Handlers from within our own group to be present for the safety of our members
    • Security to be handled by the venue or sponsor, not the Legion members
    • We are unable to do skits/battles, or extensive choreography, appearances should be scripted with this restriction in mind.


    Changing Room Location & Description:

    The 501st Legion is a volunteer organization and does not accept payment for appearances. If you would like to make a donation in lieu of payment, please see our Charity page for more information. Our membership consists of volunteers, most of whom hold full-time jobs outside of Legion activities. Our ability to satisfy an event request depends on a number of factors including availability of members, location and time of the event. As a general rule, the 501st Legion does not appear at events or functions that are non-Star Wars-related unless coordinated through Lucasfilm Ltd. Anyone submitting a request through this form should be someone who has authority of the event and should be over 18 years of age. The 501st Legion focuses on Star Wars villain characters, but we recommend inquiring with our sister organization, the Rebel Legion, should you desire Star Wars hero, Jedi or Rebel characters at your event.

    I acknowledge that I understand submitting a request does not guarantee the ability of Characters to attend my event.
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